Postgraduate Program in Regional and Local History


Postgraduate Program in Regional and Local History


The Postgraduate Program in Regional and Local History (PPGHIS) was recommended by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) in June 2006, at the academic Masters level, and is housed by the Department of Human Sciences (Campus V – Santo Antônio de Jesus) of the State University of Bahia (UNEB), created in 1980 as a Faculty of Teacher Training and transformed, in 1983, in Campus V of UNEB, located in Jardim Bahia Allotment since July 1983.



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Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEB.
Rua Tenente-Coronel Bandeira de Melo, s/n - Calabar. CEP: 44444-032 - Santo Antônio de Jesus - BA


UNEB: (75) 3631-3465
Ramal: 308

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